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In the year 2100, in order to solve the problem of a declining human population, humans have produced robots to labor. London Dynamics is one of the largest institutions that produces artificial intelligence machines. The underground hacker group "Anonymous" attempts to control the factory and overthrow London Dynamics by invading the facility.

During the game, the player plays as an intelligent robot (in human form) that needs to be repaired. The player recieves information in the form of glitches through the hacker that tries to infiltrate the facility. The hacker's mission is to inform the robot of the truth of his identity. The glitches contain information on this, as well as how to escape the facility.

This build contains critical bugs and there's no workaround or fixes.


Created by Gigi - Xingzhi Zheng, Ivie-fai Osuamkpe and Roger - Minghong Xu. This is a Collaboration project while we are finishing our postgraduate study at the London College of Communication.

  • 3D Modeling: Ivie-fai Osuamkpe
  • Lead Programming: Gigi - Xingzhi Zheng
  • Animation: Roger - Minghong Xu


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=_= 谢谢你竟然完成了游戏。

游戏提交的时候已经是时间需要交给 David 了,然后我和 Roger 都已经放弃了。搞了很久然后全部都没精力继续搞下去。没用病房,主要是概念图设计出了问题,有一些设计变得很不合理。现在回头看,感觉的确不应该删掉病房的设计。

Thanks for playing.