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Inspired by the Stonewall Riots at 1969, New York. The game is about being acceptance. During a game of Stonewall: The Card Game, as a queer leader, you need to get supporters as much as possible. Meanwhile, you need to avoid from being caught by the N.Y.P.D.


Before the game start, each player draw a character card randomly. In each game, there will be at least 1 queer, 1 police, other players will become New Yorkers.
As a Queer leader. You need to get supporters secretly as much as possible.
As a N.Y.P.D Officer, You need to caught the Queer leader before everyone became supporters.
As a New York Citizen, You need to help the Police find out who is the queer leader. But if you were told who is the queer leader secretly. It’s your responsibility to protect the queer leader


1.  All players sit around and draw character cards orderly.
2.  Players who drawn the N.Y.P.D card announce their identity and leave other players.
3.  Police announce “The night has come.” Police and New Yorkers close their eyes.
4.  During 10 seconds, while the Police is counting down. The queer leader and his / her suppoters should pick one of their nearby new yorkers to become a new supporter secretly.
5.  The police announce “The day has come.” Everyone open their eyes.
6.  The police decide who is the first speaker, All player need to speak about their opinions within 60 seconds. Clockwise Order.
7.  Everyone make suggestions for the police on which identity should be investigate.
8.  The police reveal one of the player’s identity. The police and New Yorkers win the game if the police successfully reveal a queer’s identity. Otherwise, game continues.
9.  The queer leader win the game by gaining enough supporters.
      - 3 Supporters in a 6 players game.
      - 4 Supporters in a 8 players game.
      - 5 Supporters in a 10 players game.
      - 6 Supporters in a 12 players game.

devblog: http://gigi.games/the-social-project-stonewall/

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